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Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow

Green dentistry is a high tech approach that reduces dental practices’ environmental impact and encompasses a service model for dentistry that supports and maintains wellness. Green dentistry meets the needs of millions of wellness lifestyle patients and helps dental professionals protect planetary and community health and the financial health of their practice.

sustainable dentistry

Better for Patients & the Planet

Digital technologies offer early diagnosis, preventive therapies, and education that services wellness lifestyle patients’ needs. We’re committed to maintaining long-term wellness and seek to avoid invasive or expensive procedures.

North River Dental has long been known by our local and professional community as the leader in technology. It turns out that many of the innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are better for patients and the planet. High-tech innovations are crucial to helping dental professionals achieve their targets for waste reduction and resource conservation.

Relieving Pain & Oral Issues

As part of our Green Dentistry initiative, we offer StellaLife products. From oral gels to medicinal rinses, these products promote healing while providing recyclable packaging and better formulations. Each product is opioid-free and made from all-natural ingredients, so you can feel better using them and experience quicker, pain-free healing in the process.

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