Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that look and feel like the real deal. If you are missing some of your pearly whites, implants may be the solution you need to regain your confidence and ability to chew foods and speak clearly.

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Hybridge Dental Implants

At North River Dental, we offer Hybridge dental implants systems, which are designed to replace any number of missing teeth, or to provide a full mouth reconstruction for people who are about to lose their teeth and there’s not much that can be done to save them. Hybridge dental implants are unique because each treatment is fully customized to the patient’s needs. In addition. Hybridge implants are more affordable than other type of implants. This gives our patients a practical option to regain a beautiful smile as well as the functionality of healthy teeth.

Hybridge Dental Implants

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Implants vs Dentures

Implants vs. Dentures

Dental implants provide a more practical and permanent solution than dentures. The base of implants is made out of titanium, which is a metal that fully integrates with a patient’s jawbone (a process known as osseointegration). This provides a sturdiness and stability that is more reliable than wearing dentures. In addition, because dental implants are fully secured to the jaw, you can eat any type of food without worrying about your dentures falling out of your mouth, and you don’t have remove them to clean them. Just brush them as you would your regular teeth.

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Bone Grafting

If you’ve experienced jaw bone loss, you may be wondering whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants. The answer is that you could be. If your jawbone has suffered from deterioration due to periodontal disease, tooth loss, or injury, bone grafting can restore your jaw’s functionality and provide a solid foundation for dental implants.

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What Are the Costs of Dental Implants?

The costs of dental implants may vary depending on several factors: Your dentist will evaluate whether you need any preparatory treatments to address periodontal disease, tooth decay, gum disease, or bone loss. In addition, we take into account how many implants you need, as well as surgical and restoration costs, and your type of dental insurance.

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Financing Options

At North River Dental, we understand that certain procedures can be costly. However, that should not be a hurdle to preserve your oral as well as overall health. Talk to us about our financing options and let’s find a payment plan that may work for you.

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