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Innovative Technology, Minimally Invasive Care

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Minimal Pain, Maximum Results

Dental technology has been greatly improving patient experiences for many years, though additional advancements have added to the comfort and convenience, offering streamlined and minimally invasive alternatives. Our office is on the forefront in offering this innovative dental technology. With the aid of innovation, we can effectively plan treatments with greater accuracy, perform procedures with greater precision, and keep you feeling comfortable and nearly pain-free throughout the entire process. Have you been neglecting care from a dentist? Come to North River Dental to experience VIP treatment from experienced doctors who incorporate some of the most advanced dental technology into your treatment.

“One of the first things we do with a new patient is to conduct an exam that would include a Velscope oral cancer screening, a three-dimensional CBCT scan, and more. Technology really changes the way people feel about the dental office.”
Richard Steinberg, DDS

Our Advanced Dental Technology

Cone Beam CT Scanner: The CBCT is a 3D imaging software that captures high-quality images of the teeth, gums, and nerves to help with more accurate treatment planning for dental implants.

Digital Smile Design: We can design high-quality images and completely plan treatment digitally to help you visualize your new smile and provide greater accuracy throughout treatment.

Velscope®: The VELscope helps us screen and detect early warning signs of oral cancer by highlighting certain areas or issues inside the mouth.

Intraoral Camera: We can see in greater detail small abnormalities or imperfections of the teeth to catch issues such as cracks and cavities before they become major problems.

Intra Oral Scanner: We can take high-quality digital images of the teeth and bite that can be adjusted in the software to help with treatment planning for clear aligners and dental implants.

Piezosurgery®: For certain procedures involving hard tissue, we can incorporate PIEZOSURGERY, which uses ultrasonic vibrations to precisely cut bone without damaging the gum tissue.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors: Used from a patient’s own blood, PRGF helps to stimulate the cells to encourage a faster regrowth of soft tissue to the treatment site to increase the healing process.

The Wand® Anesthesia: We can effectively numb treatment sites with this computer-controlled anesthetic technology to deliver a steady flow of anesthetic during the procedure.

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Exceptional Experiences From Start to Finish

Not only does it improve the entire patient experience, but the minimally invasive nature of dental technology helps those fearful of traditional tools and procedures receive the dental care they need to maintain great oral health. In addition, technology helps provide more convenient care for busy patients, and can be more budget-friendly and time-effective than traditional care. From root canals to full-arch dental implants, technology can aid us during every step of your treatment process and help improve healing times once the procedure is complete for an exceptional patient experience from start to finish.

Improved Diagnosis Improves Outcomes

Do you think you may have a cavity or may be showing signs of gingivitis? We have the technology necessary to accurately diagnose and treat any oral health issue. Our doctors are trained to utilize these tools and software, and they incorporate these skills with their expertise and years of experience to make your care with us even more exceptional and safer than ever.

Innovative, Minimally Invasive Care Begins With a Call to Our Office!

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