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Remove a Tooth, Regain Your Health

A tooth may need to be extracted for various reasons, including oral trauma, decay or in preparation for a dental implant. If you are experiencing tooth pain, a tooth extraction will be our last resort as a means of helping protect the health of your mouth. In the case of wisdom teeth, removing these teeth before crowding or infection occurs is the most recommended solution. In both instances, teeth are removed to help preserve the health of your mouth and to prevent further issues or infection from arising. No matter the circumstance for your tooth extraction, we strive to be gentle and careful to help your experience be as painless and comfortable as possible.

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We may extract a tooth for the following reasons

  • Impacted baby teeth
  • Oral trauma
  • Decay
  • Wisdom teeth
  • For dental implants
  • Infection
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Simple Treatment, Quick Recovery

Tooth extractions are a common procedure at our practice and we use many modern dental tools, including The Wand® Anesthesia to gently numb the treatment area. Once the tooth is extracted, the gums are sutured together and allowed to fully heal. In no time, you will be able to resume normal activity, without any tooth pain. If you will be getting a dental implant to replace your tooth, socket preservation might be recommended in order to prevent jaw bone deterioration.

Prioritize Wisdom Tooth Removal

In the case of wisdom teeth, we take a different approach to their extraction. Because wisdom teeth can create problems due to crowding or infection, we recommend that these teeth be removed sooner rather than later. At times, we may recommend these teeth be extracted before they show signs of impaction or infection to ensure your oral health remains in good shape. We perform wisdom teeth extractions much like regular tooth extractions.

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Example of a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The following symptoms may be a sign it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed:
• Swollen or bleeding gums
• Jaw pain or swelling
• Chronic halitosis (bad breath)
• Crowding teeth

North River Dental in Bradenton, FL

A Common Procedure Done Uncommonly Well

Much like root canal therapy, a tooth extraction is actually more common and safe than many people think. We strive to help you feel comfortable and calm during your procedure, and perform your tooth extraction gently and with careful consideration of your gums and surrounding teeth. We also incorporate The Wand® Anesthesia into our procedures for greater safety and comfort for our patients. Though this procedure is routine at our office, we still take a comprehensive and customized approach to each of our patient’s care. Your treatment will be personalized to your exact oral health needs, to help ensure the best outcomes and recovery.

Regain oral health with a simple extraction!

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