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At North River Dental, You are Family

Why should you choose North River Dental as your new dental office? Whether you feel frustrated, fearful, unimpressed with your last dentist, or simply need to get back on track with your dental health, YOU are important to us. We are your dental advocates, and we are here to help you achieve your unique smile goals in a comfortable, luxurious, friendly setting where you feel welcomed and at-ease while receiving quality dental care. We at North River Dental are a family; we enjoy working together, and we enjoy treating your dental needs with the utmost care and dedication. Our dentists and staff are here to make you feel like you are a part of our family. For just one small cavity or for an entire smile makeover, we are here to treat YOU.

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A few of the ways we set ourselves apart

Our office provides a wide range of periodontal services all under one roof, so you can receive the comprehensive care you need without visiting multiple doctors at differing locations. To provide you with the best answers and highest quality results, we staff the most qualified doctors and use cutting edge dental technology in our modern and comfortable facility.
Periodontal Services We Offer:

  • Patient Advocacy

    Our doctors and staff are here to bring you exceptional dental care while advocating for your oral health. When you come into our dental office, our new patient advocate sits down with you and takes all your dental and medical information. This gives us a chance to both better understand your unique needs as our new patient and to help us form a bond with you from day one. When you come here, you receive a custom treatment that is only good for you.

  • VIP Patient Care

    North River Dental is not your typical dental office; It reminds you of your home. With us, you experience VIP treatment all geared toward making your patient experience as thorough and comfortable as it can possibly be. We provide our dental services with high-end amenities, including TVs in the operatories and massage cushions built into many of our dental chairs. It is this type of attention to detail that makes our dental office special and keeps patients coming back year after year.

  • Dental Technology

    We are leaders in the area when it comes to the latest technology that dentistry has to offer, including advanced lasers, 3D imaging, and the minimally invasive Wand®. This technology is not just “cool”; it is state-of-the-art. It helps to make your dental appointments faster and with much less discomfort than you may have experienced in the past, and allows our dentists to offer you exceptional care. This technology is also proactive—it helps aid in the early diagnosis of cavities, oral cancers, and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

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Dental Expertise. Uncompromising Dedication.

A preferable dentist has many years of successful experience, a motivation to continue learning through advanced training above their educational requirements, and incorporates the latest dental technology into treatments to improve patient experiences. Our doctors are not only part of prestigious dental organizations, but are certified trainers on technologies within the industry. This knowledge and expertise only furthers our dedication to provide you with the most exceptional and comfortable care possible. As your advocates and dental health providers, you will receive care that is customized specifically to you in an atmosphere that encourages your questions and input.

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About Insurance

As a courtesy to our patients, we will be glad to file your dental claim for you. However, ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to keep up with all of their insurance benefits and any changes that may take place. We cannot and do not guarantee payments from insurance companies. The insurance company determines all benefits. Patients are expected to pay their estimated percentages and deductibles at the time of treatment. We will not compromise your care, but we will do our best to help you get the benefits you deserve. Our office is obligated to provide you with the treatment you need, but your insurance carrier is only obligated to pay what your policy contract calls for.

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