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Safe, Effective Treatment

Your tooth pain may be a sign that you have a more serious condition, especially if the pulp of your tooth is infected. The most common, safe, and effective treatment option available—root canal therapy—can eliminate the infection and protect against future bacterial invasion and decay. Timely root canal therapy also allows you to keep your original tooth, which is stronger and more natural than any restoration available, and helps you find relief from your tooth pain. You may require root canal therapy if you are experiencing jaw pain or pain in a specific tooth, swollen gums around a sore tooth, discoloration of gums surrounding a sore tooth or sharp tooth pain upon biting or when chewing.

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Infection and the Risk of Tooth Loss

An infected tooth is a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as possible to preserve as much of it as possible. The more severe the infection becomes, the less likely we will be able to save the tooth. If you do not receive root canal therapy for your infected tooth, you could end up losing it completely. Additionally, when the core of your tooth becomes infected, that infection could enter your blood stream and lead to a stroke or heart attack. By eliminating infection, we can prevent further decay and damage. This also prevents tooth loss, which eliminates the need for more costly restorations, such as a dental bridge or dental implants.

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Treatment Focused on Saving Your Natural Tooth

During your initial appointment, we will take x-rays to examine the proximity of the damage to the pulp chamber within your tooth. When the cavity is near the pulp, it usually means the pulp is infected and will require root canal therapy. The soft tissues are then removed from the pulp chamber and nerve tissues are removed from the root canal. We will then widen the root canal and straighten the pulp chamber to accommodate a filling. Once this is complete, the tooth will be disinfected and filled with a rubber-like substance and sealed with a temporary filling. During your follow-up visit, we will look for any further signs of infection or complications. We will then remove the temporary filling, fill the pulp chamber, and repair your tooth with a tooth-colored filling, then cap it with a dental crown.

Conservative Care, Comfortable Treatment

We take a conservative approach to your treatment, which helps make your procedure more comfortable and your teeth and gums free from infection. We may incorporate minimally invasive laser technology into your root canal treatment to effectively eradicate all bacteria from inside the tooth. No matter the approach chosen, we take great care to ensure you are comfortable and your root canal procedure is effective and virtually pain-free.

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