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Bone Grafting Restores Lost Bone

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Jaw Bone Loss Is Not Hopeless

Have you been told you do not have enough volume in your jaw to support dental implants? Perhaps you have noticed the empty space where missing teeth used to be is shrinking. Bone grafting is often necessary when bone deterioration has occurred as a result of periodontal disease, tooth loss, or oral trauma. This surgery can provide an excellent solution for patients who have experienced bone loss, but are interested in restoring dental function and the aesthetics of their smile with an implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants require a healthy, strong jaw bone in order to create a solid foundation that can support these types of restorations.

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How Does Bone Grafting Work?

To determine your candidacy, we will use advanced technology to take 3D digital images and scans of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. During your bone grafting procedure, we remove bone from another area of the body or use a donor source and surgically insert it into your jawbone. During the procedure we may also incorporate Plasma Rich Growth Factors to promote faster healing. Once you have fully healed, you can receive dental implants or other treatments to restore your smile! We may use any of the following in conjunction with your bone grafting procedure:

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  • Sinus augmentation

    Also known as a sinus lift, this procedure is performed when bone loss has occurred in the upper back portion of the jaw. Loss of jaw bone in this area can cause the sinus membrane to sink, leaving no room for a dental implant post. A sinus augmentation lifts the sinus cavity and places bone grafting material below to rebuild the bone’s volume.

  • Ridge preservation/augmentation

    If a tooth is lost or extracted and not replaced, the jaw begins to change shape and recede. To preserve the ridge after an extraction, we may place bone grafting material in the socket of the extracted tooth to maintain the height. A ridge augmentation rebuilds a faulty jaw bone if a tooth has been lost or extracted some time ago.


    PIEZOSURGERY is a technique that uses ultrasonic vibrations to help cut bone tissue without harming the gums. Because of the precision of the technique, bone can be cut with greater accuracy and has less post-operative bleeding and discomfort. This technique may be used during a sinus lift procedure to ensure more effective healing.

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Trust in Over 60 Combined Years of Dental Expertise

Many of our patients undergo a bone grafting procedure to prepare their jaw for dental implants later on. Whether you need a bone grafting procedure for dental implants or for another reason, we will advise you on the most beneficial treatment plan you need to restore your oral health. With over 60 years of combined experience, our doctors have acquired the expertise necessary to provide care that helps bring back confidence in your smile!

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